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Care Instructions

We want our products to last you a very long time inshAllah. Please follow the care instructions listed below and show them lots of love + care.
We strongly encourage you to follow all product care guidelines listed here. We also encourage you to take all reasonable precautions to ensure the long-life and quality of your items.
First up, keep all the packaging! You’ll need somewhere safe to store your products when they’re not in use and the packaging is the perfect place.

All our products are very fragile as they are made from 3mm acrylic or plywood and are intricately designed. The safest way to handle the plaques is to hold them by the thickest parts in the centre. Please keep out of reach of children and take care not to bend or drop them as they may break.

It is your responsibility to ensure the pieces are securely fastened to the surface for if they fall, they may possibly break. We strongly recommend you use 3M Strips to secure your plaques to the wall, our favourite tried and tested strips are these clear ones (click here). If you are in Australia, you can find them at Bunnings as well as some Woolworths and Kmarts. Please do not use tape or blu tac to secure your plaques.

You will need to peel it off the protective cover on the front side of the mirrored acrylic and on both sides of the black or white acrylic.

When handling the mirror acrylic your fingerprints may become slightly visible, if this bothers you, simply wipe off very gently using a micro fibre glass cloth.

To reuse your cake toppers, simply gently wash under cool water and pat dry.


Treat the wood with the right care and over time it will age beautifully. It’s a low maintenance wood and needs minimal cleaning, a light dusting with a dry cloth or feather duster from time to time is all. Please keep the wood away from water, cleaning products, moisture, oils, perfumes or cosmetics as these can damage it. 

To enable your cake toppers to be reused, we recommend wrapping the spikes in foil or glad wrap prior to inserting in your cake.


As mentioned above, please keep the wood away from water, cleaning products, moisture, oils, perfumes or cosmetics as these can damage it.

If you get chalk on part of the wood, please do not use water to clean it. It will usually simply wipe off. However if it gets into some of the engraving, take to it with a pin to gently clean it out.


We recommend placing the Ramadan and Eid Mubarak neon signs on a flat, non abrasive sturdy surface.

The clear acrylic backboard can be carefully cleaned with a micro fibre cloth, being gentle and ensuring not to dislodge the neon flex.

If needed, apply methylated spirits or window cleaner to the micro fibre cloth and wipe gently.

Only if required, gently brush the neon flex with a soft paint brush to remove dust. Please note that these signs are very delicate, only clean neon flex if absolutely necessary.

Do not use any solvents or cleaners on neon flex

Please ensure the power adaptor has adequate space around it as it will heat up and ensure the cables have enough slack on them to prevent any pulling or stress on the connectors.

Please contact us at if you have any questions or want more information on how to care for your particular product.