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The direction we face when we pray. the sacred site of our faith. The Ka'bah.

Though I may not physically be there, and I never know when I'll be there next. I left my heart in Makkah. If you've been, I know you understand, if you haven't, I know your heart yearns for it too. We created this piece out of our desire to be close to The House of Allah again. To feel the feels you feel when your eyes first fall upon the Ka'bah. To serve as a reminder of Our Lord. Ar-Rahman. Ar-Raheem.

This double layered piece is cut from reflective black acrylic in a stunning arch shape with intricately etched lines symbolising the tawaf and a delicately designed - laser cut Ka'bah in gold mirror.




As this is a hand made product, please allow up to 10 days to process your order. This is in addition to the shipping time.

The Ka'bah. A universal symbol for Islam that you will find in every muslim home. We turn towards it at least 5 times a day, for years and years until the day we see it with our own eyes. If you've seen it, feeling is incredible and unforgettable.

This piece is in a class of its own, the centre piece is laser cut out of gold mirror acrylic and assembled by hand on to a black acrylic backing, providing a stunning contrast behind the intricate shahadah written in Arabic calligraphy. The acrylic backing is cut in a beautiful arch shape, it has a mirror effect and is laser-etched with fine lines symbolising the tawaf.

Wall mount or position it perfectly on any flat surface.

Designed and hand crafted by us in Brisbane, Australia


- Dimensions: H 550mm x W 400mm

- Materials: 3mm gold mirror acrylic (centre piece), 3mm black acrylic (backing)

Hand crafted in-house

Our stunning Ka'bah product is design and hand crafted by us in Brisbane, Australia.

Easy to mount or position

Wall mount or position it perfectly on any flat surface.

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