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Can you believe it's already day six of Ramadan? It's Winter here in Australia so our days are extremely short, like, not even 12 hours short. The days feel like they come and go in a blink of an eye and I am finding myself not being able to get my to do list completed and to be quite honest, it's driving me crazy!! 

But, here we are, almost a third of the way into this month and one thought that is always on my mind is that Shaytaan is away. If Shaytaan is away, that means that everything that I do, is all myself. It's a pretty scary thought, because every big or small sin that I do, it's all on me.

I heard an analogy about this a couple of years ago, the sheikh said something along the lines of "if you stir a pot of soup, then stop stirring, what happens? The soup continues to go round the pot even though you stopped stirring it. It takes a while for it to stop completely and this is the same as when Shaytaan leaves during Ramadan." He has been conditioning us for so long, that when he leaves, we don't just stop. 

The thing is, we are all so busy these days that we often don't pause for some self reflection. Without this self reflection, during this month it becomes difficult to really know thyself. To know what you are doing because Shaytaan has conditioned you or what you are doing because it's just your nafs. We need to take some time out to get to know ourselves, to check ourselves and to realise what we are doing that Shaytaan has caused. This will allow us to fight back during this month while he is away and break these habits, stop committing these sins and be stronger. So when he does come back, we are ready to go into battle and to win against him.

Love, Naeema

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